Solving for sore muscles

What do a Personal Trainer and an Industrial Designer have in common? Sore muscles. First neighbors, then friends, and now collaborators, we created a set of myofascial release tools we use every day. Made in Brooklyn, USA.


Dièry Prudent

Dièry Prudent turned a degree in French Literature into a life-long commitment to helping people feel good in their bodies. Founder of Prudent Fitness, a boutique training destination in Brooklyn, NY, Dièry designs custom fitness experiences for clients ready to move beyond synthetic gym environments.

Fab portrait 2019 - 2736 x 2736.png

Fabrice Covelli

Fabrice Covelli is a French artist and industrial designer. As founder of Fproduct, he develops texture designs, product prototypes and home furnishings using both synthetic polymers and natural materials. Fabrice is also a prolific sculptor and visual artist; his work has been devoted to the theme “Ode to Our Planet.”