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Discover next-level Self-Myofascial Release



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RolPal Mats

RolPal Mats enhance Reciprocal Activation: every heartbeat, breath, and micro-movement has an effect on the tissues in contact with the mat.

As a proprioceptive surface for core exercise, stretching or parasympathetic regeneration, specially-calibrated Platinum-silicone makes RolPal Mats highly effective. Personal, portable, hygienic, and hypoallergenic, a RolPal Mini Mat is all you need — at home, in the office, or on the go — to locate, isolate and release, sore, tight, tired muscles.

Our larger sizes are more luxurious, allowing engagement of larger muscle groups and kinetic chains. A cobra stretch becomes a quad massage — which can be enhanced by gentle lateral rocking, or by slowly bending both knees. Once you’ve experienced it, there’s no going back.


The Pro Series

The RolPal Pro Series is made with a harder platinum-silicone formula to reach deeper into the myofascia with less effort.

Like the original RolPal, its premium materials, texture, node size, shape, density, spacing, and positioning create an ideal environment for stretching, massaging, and stimulating soft-tissues: myofascia, blood vessels, lymph nodes, nerve-points, muscles, and joints.


Take me anywhere: BébéPal

Favored by dancers, musicians, and frequent flyers, BébéPal is the newest and cutest of our RolPal family. It’s super-portable, yet able to deliver just as much soft-tissue mobilization, local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and targeted pain-relief as our larger instruments.

Travel-ready and TSA-friendly, BébéPal has no metal parts to set off x-ray machines or metal detectors. Though small (Think Pinky!), the silicone nodes on this version are sturdy enough to “grip ’n grab” and shear Trigger-Points in the head, neck, forearm, shoulder, shin and calf.

With correct body-positioning, it’s also possible to target points in the hip-flexors, psoas, traps, lats, quads and glutes.